Hundreds attend community event to discuss Flint Class Action Lawsuit

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FLINT ( WJRT)- (4/5/16)- "Living without water is just terrible. I won't touch the water. I won't go near the water."

Doris Patrick not only worries about getting it on her body, but strongly believes the city's switch to the Flint river as a source nearly two years ago, affected her health.

"I'm having medical problems that I didn't have before. That came about within the last two years in that 2014-2015 period," Patrick said.

So many people, like Patrick, are fighting for justice and made it their mission to meet with Flint's class action legal team inside Dort Federal Event Center. The legal team passed out information and held a question and answer session, keeping Flint residents informed about their litigation.

The class action lawsuit is looking to take care of the immediate and long-term needs of city residents dealing with the lead crisis, which could reach into the millions.

"The state yesterday, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. We of course will oppose that. We think we have a strong response to their motion, and that process will go forward," Robin Greenwald, Head of Environmental Protection with Weitz & Luxenberg said.

The lawsuit hits home for attorney Paul Novak.

"I think as a result of having grown up in this community, and going to school here and knowing that actually the schools I went to now have elevated levels of lead, it is something that I want to make sure the people that I went to school with and that I grew up with are treated correctly," Novak said.

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich was scheduled to make an appearance at the forum, but had to cancel for medical reasons.

For more information on the class action lawsuit, please call (248) 658-0020.

The legal team also has a new Flint office, located on 1176 Robert T Longway Blvd.

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