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Blood shortages reach a critical state across the state and country

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Blood shortages reach a critical state across the state and country

MICHIGAN, U.S. (WJRT) - There are all sorts of supply shortages due to the pandemic.

One in particular could mean the difference between life and death.

Blood supplies are down 10% according to the Red Cross.

And demand is stretching those supplies to their limits.

For nearly 75 years, the Red Cross has collected about 40% of the United States blood supplies used to treat those who desperately need it.

But, those supplies are dwindling due to a number of factors according to Michigan Red Cross Region Communications Director Alicia Dorr.

"Supply chain issues, staffing shortages. We have all of these different factors at play."

Fewer people are donating due to COVID-19.

And fewer businesses, churches and college campus organizations are hosting blood drives.

The end result is less blood available for emergencies or other important procedures.

"We always have a need for blood. So, when, you know, when we're at capacity and we have different departments that are needing blood for different reasons, we can definitely notice when there is a shortage," said Hurley Volunteer & Community Engagement Director Jordan Brown. 

According to the Red Cross - just one blood donation can save up to three lives, especially for universal donors with an "O" blood type.

And, we're really just, you know, pleading, you know, to all the people who are able to, to just roll up their sleeves and open their hearts to give blood," added Dorr.

If you need any additional incentive to donate - you will be entered into a drawing to possibly win Super Bowl tickets.

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