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Montrose entrepreneur creates AI tool for real estate agents

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MONTROSE, Mich. (WJRT) - Artificial intelligence is all the rage right now and one Montrose entrepreneur is using the technology to help local business owners.

"AI is the greatest employee you could ever hire it doesn't sleep it doesn't take time off it doesn't ask for a raise it doesn't do anything. It's always working 24/7 it saves you a lot of time," said Monte Missentzis.

he grew up in Montrose and he's the co-founder of Zapp Genie, a company that uses AI software to help business owners interact with their customers.

"I really really started to realize how powerful this could be in the hands of the everyday business owner who really just doesn't know that these things are possible to do," Missentzis said.

The program can do everything from automating everyday tasks to talking directly with customers and scheduling meetings. For someone working in real estate like Tyler Blackburn, the difference is night and day.

"What I was doing before as far as reaching out to realtors is I would have to get on the phone with them and hand dial to call them or I'd reach out and text them and with this it just does all of it for me," Blackburn said. "So it's like having another person or you know as many people as I want to have besides myself reaching out to people."

Missentzis said realtors often have many conversations going on at the same time.

Blackburn believes AI is going to revolutionize the real estate business, making it even more important to get involved sooner rather than later.

"Pretty much in the world I think that AI is going to be the way that things go, so me being able to get into it early on and start to learn it has been huge," he said. "I think because in a few years from now it's probably going to be a gigantic part of my business."

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