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Contractors tie up Grand Blanc family's dog while on the job

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It's treatment they say was made worse by workers ignoring her when she started barking and whining in pain.

GRAND BLANC, Mich. (WJRT) - A Grand Blanc Family is angry with a Consumer's Energy contractor called "Energy Group" after a crew tied up their dog during a branch-clearing job on Wednesday.

It's treatment they say was made worse by workers ignoring her when she started barking and whining in pain.

The family says their dog's okay after the incident, but they worry how else the workers may have treated her if they saw her as a nuisance.

Jennifer Stallings said it all began on Tuesday, when Energy Group workers knocked on her door and said they'd need access to the back yard to clear branches.

She said they didn't come back that day, and failed to tell the family they'd come back Wednesday.

The only family member at home when they arrived was Queenie: their friendly, 12-year-old, German Shepherd.

"If we had known, I could have had someone pick up the dog or bring her inside," said Stallings.

At around 3 PM, her husband arrived home from work.

And when he heard Queenie barking in the back yard, he knew something was wrong.

She said workers told him Queenie was "in the way," so they tied her to a pole in the yard.

"She was tightened around the pole and she couldn't move. And it was restricting her hips," said Stallings.

ABC12 asked Tracy Wimmer, Spokesperson for Consumers Energy, about the incident.

She confirmed Stallings' story and said the incident never should have happened.

"That is not appropriate procedure. What should have happened is- we do not secure animals. We leave a note for the customer telling them we will return at a later date once the animal has been secured," explained Wimmer.

Stallings said she's since received a formal apology from Energy Group's foreman, as well as a promise to give every team a policy refresher so this never happens again.

"I would like to commend him for that- taking ownership. I think that's key for anyone. Any company, person, business- to identify 'hey, that's not right, I'm gonna do something about it.' That's mostly what people want to hear," she said.

ABC12 asked Wimmer if the Energy Group workers will be disciplined.

She said that's something only the foreman can answer, but he didn't return the station's calls.

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