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Animal Control looking for person who tossed puppy out of SUV in Saginaw

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Saginaw dog dumped

Saginaw County Animal Care and Control is looking for whoever dumped this dog out of an SUV on East Genesee Avenue in Saginaw.

SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) - His tail still wags a mile a minute, happily accepting pets and treats, despite the recent trauma he endured.

Saginaw County Animal Care and Control is looking for whoever dumped a dog out of a black SUV and left it in the street for fend for itself over the weekend.

"The dog was left in the road. It could have been hit, it could have caused a car crash," said Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Director Bonnie Kanicki.

She said the incident happened Saturday in the area of East Genesee Avenue between Burt and Cherry streets around 7:30 p.m. Kanicki called it a case of animal abuse and abandonment.

"There's resources available that can take possession of a dog and give it some dignity if people do have to get rid of a puppy," she said. "But this is a very wrong way of doing it. It's criminal."

The dog, estimated to be less than 1 year old, was rescued by some people who saw him being tossed out of the Black SUV.

"We're just very, very grateful that they stopped their lives for a moment to save a life," Kanicki said.

She said there are also signs indicating the dog wasn't cared for very well before he was dumped.

"It's very thin. Somewhat emaciated with evidence of malnutrition in its paws and it's nails," Kanicki said.

In the meantime, the puppy will be evaluated by a veterinarian for a full exam and will eventually be put up for adoption.

"The dog deserves so much better. People don't have to resort to throwing an animal from a vehicle in any circumstances. This is not OK," Kanicki said.

Dumping a dog would be considered animal cruelty, which is a misdemeanor charge with a maximum sentence of 93 days in jail. Anyone who recognizes the dog or knows who dumped him should call Saginaw County Central Dispatch or animal control officers.

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