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Flint man upset, frustrated after catalytic converter stolen off vehicle

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Flint man upset, frustrated after catalytic converter stolen off vehicle

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Howard Catanese lives in Flint on Torrance Street.

His catalytic converter on his car was stolen Christmas Day.

He's also recovering from knee surgery and has had to miss physical therapy three times a week and doctor's appointments because he couldn't drive his car.

The catalytic converter on Howard Catanese's 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is no longer on the vehicle.

Catanese said that it was stolen from the car sometime Christmas Day.

"I'm here. I've been missing my doctor's appointments. I'm supposed to be doing therapy three times a week. I haven't been able to make it since Christmas," he said. 

Catanese filed a police report with Flint police the day after Christmas, and hasn't heard anything since.

What certainly doesn't help his situation is that he had to have knee surgery back in October which required him to take a sick leave

He said that he exhausted his sick leave and because he couldn't make his appointments to continue getting better, he was let go from his job.

So, he's out a job, he's out a car, he has to make payments still on a car he can't drive.

"I'm relying on my brother in law. He's got a pickup truck. He lets me use it when he's not busy at work," he said. 

Catanese said that he's called Mitsubishi dealerships across the country and the soonest he could get a catalytic converter is August 2022 because of supply chain issues.

"Every day I sit here, I wonder what am I going to do. I need to make my doctor's appointments, I need to make my therapy appointments. I don't want to be in a wheelchair, I don't want to be on a walker, I want to get back to work," he said. 

Catanese's car wasn't the only vehicle that was targeted on his street.

He said that several of his neighbors cars were also hit and he claims he knows who did it.

He's tried following up with Flint Police and hasn't gotten any response.

ABC12 News also reached out to Flint Police Department, they just confirmed that a police report was filed.