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Flint students and fans react to assault after Michigan v State game.

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Many expressed disappointment with the players' behavior

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Four Spartan players are currently suspended for their involvement in Saturday's post-game fight.

People across the country are talking about sportsmanship and player's behavior.

"You guys get selected from thousands of people to represent your school. And that's how you did it that day? That's just unacceptable," said University of Michigan Flint student Cameron Becker.

Becker said he's not a sports guy, but even he heard about the assaults on two Michigan players in the tunnel after Saturday's game.

There were two incidents in the tunnel- both caught on tape.

In one video, multiple MSU players attack one Michigan player...

and in another video, viewers can see a Spartan hitting a Wolverine over the head with a helmet.

But instead of anger at his rival school, Becker just feels disappointment.

"These guys are supposed to be adults representing their school. They should be at the utmost of professionalism. And that was just a complete failure of their professionalism," he said.

It's a sentiment shared by another student, Joaquin Campos, who couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it in his feed.

"It hit me very- kinda hard. Like, it's just a game, you know? It shouldn't be taken that deeply," said Campos

Across the aisle, even enthusiastic Spartans like Bailey Forrester can't feel proud of their players.

"You can't fight off ten other people. He was getting bullied at that point," said Forrester, adding that whether players win or lose- their feelings after the game need to be left on the field.

"Although it's a rivalry, there should be some class to it, I think. Especially if it's gonna be on TV," he said.

An investigation is underway and four MSU players have been suspended- pending the outcome of that investigation.

Police and the Big 10 are looking into the matter and criminal charges could follow.

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