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Claims process began Wednesday for those affected by the Flint water crisis

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Flint Water Crisis

A Flint resident shows off a bottle of lead-tainted water.

Claims process begins Wednesday for those impacted by the Flint water crisis

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Wednesday began the claims process for the $626 million Flint water settlement.

It's a chance for those poisoned by the city's lead-tainted water in 2014 to 2016 to get paid for their hardship. Tens of thousands of people will be getting a piece of the settlement, which is coming from the state of Michigan, the city of Flint, McLaren Flint Hospital and Rowe Professional Services.

About 80% of that money will go to children. After that, the remaining amount will go to adults and businesses that were harmed.

"My face really hasn't cleared up yet. I can pull the mask down. You can see it's still spotting and discolored in places, and it's never really healed properly," Claudia Perkins-Milton said.

Many community members in Flint know Perkins-Milton as a "Water Warrior." But what they may not know is how she was personally impacted by Flint's lead-contaminated water.

It left blotches on her face and a spot on her leg that she's left to treat through countless ointments and injections. Now, with the claims period opening up, she's one step closer to getting the money that she deserves.

"Homeowner, which I think the cap was $1,000, and then I took the bone lead test and I was in the higher category there," Perkins-Milton said.

She is one individual represented by the firm Napoli Shkolnik, which is serving 23,000 individuals. She received her claims form and has until May 12 to file her claim.

She filled them out as best as she could, but went into her attorney's office when she had questions.

"Napoli and them, they've made it pretty easy for us. If you don't understand how to fill it out, just come on in the office. They'll help you," Perkins-Milton said.

She is encouraging others to do the same so everybody gets the money they're entitled to before that May 12 deadline.

"You'll be left out obviously, and I want everyone to benefit. That's my personal hope," Perkins-Milton said.

The Napoli Shkolnik Flint Intake CenterĀ is located at 3163 Flushing Road between I-75 and Ballenger Highway. The office is specifically for individuals represented by the firm.

For contact information, click here. For those represented by other attorneys, there are other locations set up.

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