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Nonprofit struggling to find AEDs to donate due to microchip shortage

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An automated external defibrillator

AED's on backorder due to chip shortage

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - The microchip supply chain shortage is affecting more than the automotive industry.

The semiconductor chips are also found in lifesaving AEDs or automatic external defibrillators. The London Strong Foundation donates these medical devices, but is struggling to find them.

"I never thought the chip shortage would affect the AEDs," said London Strong Foundation President Tina Eisenbeis.

After losing her daughter to an undiagnosed heart disease, Eisenbeis has dedicated her life to the London Strong Foundation, working for the past four years to make sure businesses and schools across the community have lifesaving AEDs.

But the chip shortage is making their mission a bit more difficult.

"I found out as soon as I tried to order them that there is a back order on them. They're not available right now," said Eisenbeis. "When I called, the guy called me back and said he hadn't been able to get their hands on one in months and he doesn't know when he may be able to get them."

The lifesaving machine doesn't work without these microchips. For Eisenbeis, it's scary to think about what could happen if they're in short supply.

"When I get my hands on one it could be three months away. Something could happen at any given moment and I want to make sure schools are safe, churches, dance studios. All these facilities I'm donating to," said Eisenbeis. "My mission was to do another four this year, and now I'm thinking it might not be possible."

Even though the London Strong Foundation is struggling to get these new AEDs, they're not going to stop trying. They plan to continue their AED donations as soon as they are able to get more.

Click here for more information about the London Strong Foundation.

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