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Coping with tragedy: psychotherapist talks about dealing with multiple traumas

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Coping with tragedy

MID-MICHIGAN, Mich. (WJRT) - "I think if there was a word to sum up the last couple of weeks it's uncertainty," said Dr. Kathy Barton Brown.

And most people in Mid-Michigan are feeling it along with being emotionally overwhelmed, after back-to-back tragic events brought death and destruction to our own back yards. 

Barton Brown said it's compounded trauma that most people are dealing with. 

"We are not even over one trauma before we are hit with another trauma," said Barton Brown. 

Very true for people living in mid-Michigan who have experienced or witnessed one traumatic event after the other.

"The water crisis, the pandemic, the fire and the school shooting. That's four incredible traumas that most people don't experience in a lifetime," said Barton Brown. 

The House explosion on Hogarth in Flint and the School shooting in Oxford - both events where children died, happened just days apart. For some it can be too much to process.

"Some people almost go into a mute state where I don't have any opinions, I don't have any thing to say because I'm too overwhelmed," she said. 

Psychotherapist Dr. Kathy Barton Brown said that to avoid falling into a depression when coping with compounded traumas it helps to have a strong family foundation.

"When you don't have a foundation everything crumbles in, however when you have a foundation even in difficult times you can find the strength to stand," she said. 

And finding the strength to stand during times of uncertainty also means you have to intentional about empowering yourself everyday.

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