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Kildee introduces bill to halt 18.4-cent federal gas tax for the rest of 2022

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Gas prices will tumble below $3 a gallon soon, government forecasts

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WASHINGTON (WJRT) - Flint Congressman Dan Kildee introduced a bill in Washington on Friday to save drivers over 18 cents per gallon when they put gasoline in their vehicles.

Kildee's Gas Prices Relief Act would suspend the 18.4-cent federal gas tax for the remainder of 2022. That would save drivers about $2.76 on 15 gallons of gasoline. 

Kildee said the bill would help Americans cope with rising prices due to inflation and supply chain disruptions.

“Helping to lower gas prices is one way that we can immediately put more money back in the pockets of working families,” he said. 

Kildee pointed out that the gas tax affects rural residents more, because they have to drive longer distances for groceries, medical appointments, work and school. 

The Gas Prices Relief Act empowers the U.S. Department of Treasury to make sure oil companies pass along the federal gas tax savings to consumers.

The federal Highway Trust Fund would continue receiving funding without the gas tax by transferring general fund dollars to replace the lost revenue.

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