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Saginaw teen finds his forever home

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Saginaw adoption day

SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) - "My adoption is here by final," said Braedon. 

A beautiful moment captured in mid Michigan as one teen has officially found his forever home on Adoption day.

It's estimated that over 2,000 children in the state are currently in foster care, and on Tuesday, some of those children were officially adopted.  

After two years in foster care, 15-year old Braedon has legally become part of the Bennett family here in Saginaw County

"From this date forward the parent of Braedon Christopher Bennett R. is Robert Charles Bennett welcome to your forever home Braedon, you are here by adopted," the judge announced. 

On Tuesday, which also marks national adoption day in Michigan, Robert Bennett is now the father of Braedon, who he has been fostering since October of 2019.

"He's been looking forward to going home for so long and he wasn't able to and I have room and you know there's space in my heart, space in my family so let him in," said Bennett. 

Robert said that Braedon is the fourth child he has adopted and he is happy to do it.

The court room was filled with friends and family while they officially welcomed Braedon into the family.

"Were really happy.. Were happy to see them smiling and the family, the joy they brought to other families is priceless," said a family member. 

On Tuesday, 14 children found their forever homes and were officially adopted.