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Renters upset with Burton storage units after break-ins

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They say the lot needs more security and communication.

BURTON, Mich. (WJRT) - Some customers at Red Dot Storage in Burton are pulling out, saying they don't feel their things are safe.

Ryan Olsen discovered his break-in on Thursday, May 18. He estimates the thieves stole more than $3,000 worth of items- between electronics, keepsakes, and even a rifle.

That last one is what scares him most of all.

"All these shootings in Flint and Burton area lately. And someone could have my gun," he told ABC12.

His discovery is the latest in a series of break-ins that, according to Burton Police, began in February. It's something they said was enabled by a lack of security cameras.

"A bunch of us are moving out," said renter Renee Hatchew. Her unit was hit in March. They broke her padlock, but stole nothing. Even with her unit intact, she still feels unettled.

"You feel violated. Like someone had no consideration for other people's things," Hatchew explained.

Burton Police Chief Brian Ross suggested the thieves only needed to break one lock per building. Then they raided the units by cutting the wire mesh in the rafters.

He advises anyone renting storage in general to check on their items regularly.

"If you have your own ring camera or other camera you want to put inside the unit so you can see when there's activity inside the unit, that can help," Ross said.

But Olsen feels Red Dot should be more responsible with its customers and tell them to be vigilant if there's a break-in.

"I didn't get notified. And I said I'd like to know why I hadn't been notified, either. I had no idea they'd been broken into. I'd like to know that kind of thing," said Olsen.

ABC12 reached out to Red Dot, but haven't gotten a response.

However, Ross said the police have contacted them and that they're aware of the situation. Security cameras have been installed after Olsen's break-in.

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