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Mega Millions above $1.2B, 2nd largest in game history

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The mega millions jackpot is now worth more than 1.2 billion dollars the second largest jackpot in the 20 year history of the game.

ABC12 News caught up with some folks as they bought their tickets to see what they'd do with that stack of cash.

"You can't help but not want to play because even though your chances might be slim, you just might be that lucky one," said one Michigander. 

Some plan to share the winnings. 

"I would give money to all my family so that they could be well off. And I would donate money to charities. And I would go on more trips," said another. 

Others have a mix of responses. 

  • "I'd do whatever I wanted to do, I guess."
  • "Go on vacation. Downsize, spread the love."
  • "Give most of it away to every legal charitable organization that exists."
  • "And obviously, donate a lot."
  • "Who needs that much to live comfortably? That's all I want to do is live comfortably."
  • "To think about what we would do. I think a vacation would be first and then paying everything off. "
  • "I'd retire. "
  • "It's nice to dream. And it's nice to be able to hope that you could be that lucky person, you know? So I'm like you can't win if you don't play!"

If someone wins, the cash value option will be worth 747 million dollars.

Michigan players have bought more than six million tickets for Friday night's drawing.

On Friday, tickets have been sold in  Michigan at a rate of about 246,000 tickets every hour.

To join in on Friday nights drawing, buy a ticket by 10:45.

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