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Hoping for a sign: Sanford woman continues search for mother's ashes after flood dismantles home

Flooding leads to septic problems in Midland and Saginaw County

Midland senior living residents let back inside to access damage to homes

Army combat veteran vows to help rebuild Sanford memorial destroyed by flood

A devastating loss: Sanford veterans monument destroyed by flood

Michigan attorney general filed lawsuit against dam owner Boyce Hydro this month

Thomas Township residents waiting for flood water to recede to return home

Residents, officials concerned about future flooding after record lake levels

Flint Township family frustrated over flooded ditch in front yard

Houghton now dealing with the aftermath of floods

Federal disaster relief approved for Mid-Michigan areas affected by floods

U.S. Small Business Administration surveying flood damage in Mid-Michigan

Flint ends weather-related sewer discharge

Jaguar owner's advice about driving through floodwaters: Don't do it

Flint Fire Department evacuates 90-year-old from house encircled by water

ABC 12 crew calls 911 after SUV catches fire in floodwaters

Buyer beware: How to spot a flooded car

FEMA providing update on recovery from June floods in Mid-Michigan

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