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Scam Alert

Sheriff displays $120,000 police stopped an 83-year-old from sending scammers

Michigan Treasury Department warns of scam circulating in U.S. mail

MSU credit union reports suspicious actions on some accounts

Flushing residents lose money to computer scammers, police warn

80-year-old nearly loses $650 to scammers before son steps in

Bay County Health Department warns of spoofing scam using its phone number

Scammers claiming to be health department trying to steal personal information

Shoppers beware: Skimmers infiltrating online retailers and stealing information

Package full of money sent to scammers stopped by Millington officer

Sheriff deputies avoiding phones amid spate of scam calls

Detriot-area grandmother scammed into mailing $10,000 to 'bail out' grandson

Scammers clone St. Charles Police Department phone number in several states

Congress looking for private industry help with stopping senior scams

Reported scam calls appear to come from Grand Blanc city police

Officials warn of scammers posing as public health workers

Computer repair scam costs Tuscola County resident $1,000

Scammers try but fail to dupe Fenton Police Department -- twice

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