Hamady's 1st practice on it's new field

Thu Oct 11 21:02:18 PDT 2018

Hamady's 1st practice on it's new field

Nexteer workers could start returning to work quickly after strike ends

UAW Local 699 President Tom Hurst believes some of the 1,500 Nexteer workers laid off in Saginaw County could get back to work quickly after the strike ends, but some may be off for weeks longer.

UAW members plan to keep picketing until they are told otherwise

UAW members are standing their ground on the picket lines until union leaders decide whether to end the 31-day strike.

UAW members reserving judgment on tentative agreement until they get details

Many UAW members picketing in Flint on Thursday were waiting to hear details of a tentative agreement between the union and GM before deciding whether to support it.

UAW says tentative agreement includes big wins for workers

General Motors and the United Auto Workers didn't discuss details of a tentative agreement reached Wednesday, but the union says workers achieved big gains.

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